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School Quotes


"Somewhere between the procrastination
...And the homework
...And the incessant forwards
...And the friendships
...And the nasty cafeteria food
...And the calls to each other complaining about crushes
~Somewhere between the phone calls to old friends
...And the "I miss you's"
...And the "I love you's"
...And the "What are we doing tonight's"
...And somewhere between all of the changing & growing..
~Somewhere between the classes
...And the skipping classes
...And the studying for tests
...And the pretending to study for tests
...And the downright not studying for tests...
~I forgot.
...I forgot what high school is all about.
...I forgot what it meant to cry
...I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you happy.
...And that pretending to be smart doesn't make you smart.
...I forgot that you can't just forget the past in fear of the future.
...I forgot that you can't control falling in love
...And that you can't make yourself fall in love.
~I learned that I can love.
...I learned that it's okay to mess up
...And it's okay to ask for help
...And it's okay to feel like crap.
...I learned its okay to complain and whine to all your friends for a whole day.
...I learned that sometimes the things you want most you just can't have.
...I learned that the greatest thing about high school isnt the parties or the drinking or the hook-ups...
...It's the friendships which means taking chances.
...I learned that sometimes the things we want to forget are the things which we most need to talk about.
...I learned that letters from friends are the most important thing
...And that sending cards to your friends makes YOU feel better.
~But, basically, I just learned that my friends
...Both old and new
...Are the most important people to me in the world
...And without them, I wouldn't be who I am today."




All I'm saying is I want to look back and say that I did the best I could while I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as I could while I was stuck in this place. Played as hard as I could while I was stuck in this place.
--Dazed and Confused



The square root of zero is zero, which, coincidentally, is also the amount of times you'll hear the term square root after you leave high school.




"It's a little childish and stupid, but then so is high school."

 –Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



Oz: Guys, take a moments to deal with this. We survived.
Buffy: It was a hell of a battle.
Oz: Not the battle. Highschool.
Graduation Day, Part Two



Happy: During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records...most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.



"Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student.

At least they [the bombs] can find Kuwait."
A. Whitney Brown,



In high school, it seems that everything is about which group you belong in.  Those people in the groups all mirror each other.  They have their differences, but even these are slight.  We, we are different.  We are the Outcasts.  The things we have in common are few, yet our friendship is the strongest.  I'm glad we found each other, because I never have to worry about being anything but myself in front of you, you just accept my faults and we move on




"Walking through the halls of high school

is quite similar to walking through a battle field. 

You are never sure what you will find lying around the bend

- everyone seems to be thinner, taller, blonder, prettier, and tanner than you.

They all seem to be having the time of their lives, despite the educational setting.

They all seem to have the most friends

and the most people to say hello to walking through the halls.

Well, life isn't what it seems.

Most of these people just surround themselves with others

because they are too deathly scared to be alone.

They are so scared that they aren't really friends, they just pretend..

because without those people they would be nothing.

They hurt just like you do, they feel just like you do,

they notice the imperfections on their own faces as well,

even though your eyes cannot see them.

They notice how the girl parallel to them is taller and thinner...

even though you don't.

Maybe sometimes it's what you don't see

that makes you more alike than you'll ever know."





middle school called...they want their drama back



High school isn’t about wrong and right, its about how much you can get away with, and having the best time of your life.


In my first year of elementary school, my teacher gave me a picture of an apple and two oranges … and asked me to pick out the one that did not belong. The first thing they taught me was that being different is wrong.


That's what I like about them high school girls...I keep getting older and they stay the same age. --Dazed and Confused




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